5 Fun Facts About the ‘Babe’

Babe Ruth is unarguably one of the greats in baseball and a name known to most -even those who admit they’re not the biggest sports or baseball fans. Babe was a great baseball player with fans who admire him even today. Here are five more important and fun Babe Ruth facts that you might be interested in knowing.

1- You Can Find an Assortment of Babe Ruth T-Shirts

You should own a Babe Ruth shirt if you call yourself a fan. In fact, you should own several Babe Ruth t-shirts. Tons of styles and designs are available, whether you want a legendary shirt or something fun.

2- A Leafy Way to Cool Down

Wool-made uniforms of the 1940s were hot, especially after an inning or two of baseball. Babe Ruth developed a way for himself and his teammates to cool down before and during games and that was with a piece of cabbage he’d chilled in the ice cooler.

3- A Pitcher First

Would you believe that Babe Ruth was first a pitcher? If you didn’t know this fact, it is time to brush up your baseball history knowledge. He won 89 games as a pitcher over the course of six seasons. This was in the early 1900s.

4- Babe Went to Jail

It is hard to believe, but the Babe himself was behind bars. Convicted of reckless driving, Ruth was to serve a day in jail. And he did, released 45 minutes after the start of his game. This arrest came in June, 1921.

5- The First Home Run

It was in 1933 in Chicago at the Comiskey Park that Babe Ruth hit his first home run and the first home run in an All Star game. It was the beginning of something great in the sport.