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5 Fun Facts About the ‘Babe’

Posted by Martin on

Babe Ruth is unarguably one of the greats in baseball and a name known to most -even those who admit they’re not the biggest sports or baseball fans. Babe was a great baseball player with fans who admire him even today. Here are five more important and fun Babe Ruth facts that you might be interested in knowing.

1- You Can Find an Assortment of Babe Ruth T-Shirts

You should own a Babe Ruth shirt if you call yourself a fan. In fact, you should own several Babe Ruth t-shirts. Tons of styles and designs are available, whether you want a legendary shirt or something fun.

2- A Leafy Way to Cool Down

Wool-made uniforms of the 1940s were hot, especially after an inning or two of baseball. Babe Ruth developed a way for himself and his teammates to cool down before and during games and that was with a piece of cabbage he’d chilled in the ice cooler.

3- A Pitcher First

Would you believe that Babe Ruth was first a pitcher? If you didn’t know this fact, it is time to brush up your baseball history knowledge. He won 89 games as a pitcher over the course of six seasons. This was in the early 1900s.

4- Babe Went to Jail

It is hard to believe, but the Babe himself was behind bars. Convicted of reckless driving, Ruth was to serve a day in jail. And he did, released 45 minutes after the start of his game. This arrest came in June, 1921.

5- The First Home Run

It was in 1933 in Chicago at the Comiskey Park that Babe Ruth hit his first home run and the first home run in an All Star game. It was the beginning of something great in the sport.


Buying Boat and Dock Ladders

Posted by Martin on

If you are lucky enough to live in an area where there is a body of water nearby, you will most definitely be thinking about getting a boat. And you may think that you can only do this if you are living by the ocean, but it is not true. Even if it is a big river or some other type of water body, you can easily get a boat in there for leisurely purposes. Whether you want to go fishing or you just want to take the boat out on a summer’s day, it will be a ton of fun for everyone involved.

But you will want to ensure that you are taking the right safety steps. For instance, if you have a boat that is significantly lower than the dock that has been set up, you are not going to want people jumping in and out of the boat. Not only are you risking those people getting hurt, but you are also risking the boat getting damaged. For instance, if you jump onto the boat with too much weight, you could damage its surface. And jumping off the boat in the wrong way could result in it capsizing, and that is just frustrating.

So make sure that you are buying dock and Boat Ladders if you are getting a boat. This will ensure that whenever you are getting onto the boat from the dock, you are doing it in a safe way. The ideal boat and dock ladders are the ones where the last step is going into the water. This will ensure that if you put the boat right next to the ladder, people can easily take a couple of steps down and get onto the boat. It will not even be an issue, even for those who are younger, older or have bad balance.


West Coast or East Coast, the Inside Story of Your Yacht Repair and Maintenance Needs

Posted by Martin on

Here we are not only referring to the east or west coast of the US in which the majority of states are landlocked. If they are landlocked, they are at least served well by vast water resources and/or reservoirs in the form of flowing streams and abundant lakes. And on some of these lakes will be your essential watercrafts, used for recreational purposes and, more importantly, used to service industries and communities such as fishing sustainably.

Whether by lake or by sea, this is a necessary practice. Whether you are carrying out your work responsibly or it is legislated that you do so is beside the point because in your line there are always challenges. One of the biggest challenges you are faced with these days is being able to ensure that your yacht or fishing craft is well maintained and readily prepared on a professional level. The challenge has always been, if that is your model craft, to find the appropriate attwood replacement parts at the earliest convenience.

When we say that we are not referring to your East coast, by that is meant the far, Far East coast, Taiwan, to be precise. Because that is one of several main ports to call on when you are in urgent need of specific parts for your yacht, fishing boat or trawler or commercial deep sea vessel. Speaking of which, this service is of benefit to you if you are in the international line. Because you can call on the ports, East coast or West coast, and the much required replacement parts can be shipped directly to you.

Shipped directly to you. No deliberate turn of phrase here but it is a coincidental way of putting it.